Incawasi Peru - A Dream For Every Child

VOLUNTEER - Volunteer's Day

A typical volunteer day starts at around 8:30AM, when the morning round of children arrives at Incawasi. After breakfast, the children split up into their assigned groups, and volunteers (“professor” or “profesora”) work with them on their homework. If they do not have homework, the “profesores” prepare other academic activities to reinforce areas in which students need additional attention. Depending on the day, an hour is either dedicated to going to the playground, arts and crafts activities, computer class or other enrichment opportunities.

At midday, the volunteers assigned to supervise lunch stay with the morning group as they eat, brush their teeth and head off to school. Around 1:00PM, the afternoon group arrives and has lunch. The afternoon session has a similar set up as the morning group, with activities being adapted to the different age groups. Volunteers serve the afternoon snack at 4:30PM before the children leave for the evening. Some of the older children, who study later in their schools, may stay until 6:00pm to complete their homework. The rest of the day is generally free for volunteers to use as they please!

Occasionally, volunteers organize a Saturday excursion for the children, a fundraising event in a local venue, or a working bee to help improve the facilities. Peruvian volunteers, both students at local universities and professionals, also provide important support and dedicate a couple hours of week based on their availability.

This opportunity is ideal for individuals interested in volunteering in South America and who are looking for a chance to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.

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