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ABOUT US - Incawasi in Europe

Incawasi has three sister organizations in Europe: “Incawasi – Germany,” “Incawasi - Italy” and “Incawasi France.” These European counterparts serve to raise funds in their respective countries to support the activities taking place in Cajamarca. Both of these branches have non-profit status, allowing donors from these countries to make a tax-deductible donation.

Incawasi Germany

Incawasi Germany (Foundation Incawasi e.V.) was founded in Wetzlar-Garbenheim in 2005 by Susanne Gruner, one of Incawasi’s founders. It is officially recognized as charitable, apolitical, non-denominational and independent organization.

The Foundation works to raise funds to support work being done in Cajamarca and always welcomes new members. The annual membership fee is 20€, and membership meetings are held once per year.

If you are interested in Incawasi Germany's work, please contact us at

Incawasi Italy

Incawasi Italy was founded in 2009 by board members Kyra Grieco and Barbara Menin. This branch also organizes regular fundraising events, raises awareness about Incawasi and allows an opportunity for people interested in helping to get involved. Incawasi Italy is a registered charity, meaning that all donations are tax-deductible in Italy. All of the funds raised in Italy support programming on the ground.

Incawasi France

Incawasi France, founded in 2014 by board member Annalisa Lollo and former volunteer Marie Feith, has as main focus to support Incawasi’s local activities in Cajamarca through fundraising events, including selling crafts from the region, hosting Peruvian dinners and organizing photo exhibits to raise awareness about Incawasi’s work. It will also serve as a resource for French (and other European) volunteers as they prepare to embark on their adventures in Peru, and offer an opportunity for them to stay involved once they return.

If you are interested in learning more about Incawasi France’s work, please write Annalisa Lollo.

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