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WHAT WE DO - Education

In Peru, children in public schools attend classes either in the morning or in the afternoon. Incawasi offers primary and secondary school students a safe place in which they receive tutoring support during the half-day during which they are not in school. Students are grouped by ability and receive individualized attention from Incawasi volunteers and staff. We strive to keep class sizes to 4 or 5 students, allowing children to receive the personalized help they cannot get in their public school classrooms.

Beyond receiving help with their homework and strengthening their literacy, writing and numeracy skills, students are encouraged to develop their creativity through a number of different activities, be they sports, arts and crafts, computer science classes or theater workshops. Children come to Incawasi, even when public school is out, so that they remain intellectually engaged over vacation months.

In 2013 Incawasi expanded the support provided to our beneficiaries to include gaining entry into the local public university. In 2014 we further extended this support to allow the children to study and complete their tertiary level education.

The education component is complemented by Incawasi’s educational sponsorship program. Through the generous support of education sponsors, Incawasi helps families pay for students’ uniforms and school supplies to ensure that these costs are not barriers to children attending school. Learn how you can become an education sponsor and help cover the costs of a child’s education here.

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