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Board Members - Active

Erla Altamirano Sangay - President. Erla has been a board member since 2014 and is a native of Cajamarca. She is an educator and psycologist by training and worked as the administrator and teacher between 2007 and 2011. She now serves as Incawasi’s president.

Roger de Groot - Vice President. Roger is an Australian who has been involved with Incawasi since January 2008, returning regularly as a volunteer. From June 2013 to April 2014 working as the Administrator. He now manages the international volunteer recruitment as well as the sponsorship program for English speaking sponsors, Roger has a Bachelor`s degree in Computer Science. He joined the board in 2013.

Marco Leyva Paredes - Secretary. Marco is a native of Cajamarca and one of Incawasi’s founding members, serves as the organization’s secretary and legal representative. He played a critical role in building an organization that would help his home city’s most needy children. He worked with the other founding members in setting up Incawasi’s physical space and figuring out the logistical details of establishing the organization. He currently lives in Portugal.

Roger Díaz Guerra - Treasurer. Roger is a native of Cajamarca and one of Incawasi’s founders. As a founding member, his support was instrumental in setting up the organization, notably in that he provided his house to be the location of this budding organization. Since the beginning, Roger has served as the organization’s treasurer. He now lives in Germany.

Felicia Linke - Board Member Germany. Felicia spent one year (2012-13) as a volunteer with Incawasi, carrying out administrator duties when needed, and joined the board in 2013. Since returning to Germany, she communicates with the German sponsors who give through Incawasi's education and nutrition sponsorship program. Felicia is involved in the work of the Incawasi Förderverein e.V. that organizes fundraising events for Incawasi’s activities in Cajamarca. She is currently studying Geography (B.Sc.) in Heidelberg.

Louise Moulié - Board Member France. Louise is a French national who has been involved with Incawasi since May 2013, joining the board in 2014. While at Incawasi, Louise helped with the regular volunteer tasks and produced the Incawasi 2013 promotional video. She returned to Cajamarca in the summer of 2014 for a visit and in January 2014, she became the proud co-founder and president of Incawasi France, which aims at fundraising for Incawasi as well as raising awareness, and finding new sponsors and volunteers through a variety of Peru-themed events in France.

Rhéa Bisaillon - Board Member. Rhéa first started as a volunteer in 2013 for two months, during this time she created the facebook page and became an educational godmother for one of our children. Since then she has upkeept the facebook page and the new twitter page from Montreal with the help of the team and volunteers in Cajamarca. Rhea is constantly trying to find new social media platforms to increase awareness for Incawasi and the work we do. She also does fundraising and tabling to encourage volunteers in Montreal. She recently returned to Incawasi to volunteer for a second time during her summer break. She has a bachelors of arts in women studies and hispanic languages.

Annalisa Lollo, from Italy, is an anthropologist by training who has been on the board since 2012. She became involved with Incawasi when in Peru conducting research for her thesis and has remained involved ever since, returning to Cajamarca in 2010. While there, she worked with the children and organized theater of the oppressed workshops for staff. She now resides in Paris and is spearheading efforts to create Incawasi France, which will organize fundraising events for Incawasi by hosting Peruvian-themed dinners and selling Peruvian crafts.

Board Members – Honorary

Yumiko Locussol has been involved with Incawasi since 2010 and joined the board in 2012. Previously Yumiko managed the international volunteer recruitment as well as the sponsorship program for English speaking sponsors from her native United States. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Masters in International Educational Development.

Barbara Menin is an Italian graphic designer who worked with Incawasi in Cajamarca for two and a half years, including time during which she managed all operations on the ground. She founded "Incawasi Italia," an organization that fund-raised for activities in Peru, with fellow board member Kyra Grieco.

Kieran Farrell is one of the founding board members of Incawasi. He became part of the Incawasi team having recently arrived in Cajamarca in 2006 and later went on to collect funds in his native Ireland to help establish Incawasi. He is a Business and Marketing advisor in Dublin.

Kyra Grieco is an Italian anthropologist and has been involved with Incawasi as a board member since 2006. She was a volunteer at Incawasi before taking on the administration of the center on site during 2007 and 2008, as well as the role of president. In 2009, she co-founded with fellow board member Barbara Menin “Incawasi Italia,” an Italian non-profit aimed at funding Incawasi’s activities in Cajamarca. She communicates with all of the Italian sponsors who give through Incawasi’s education and nutrition sponsorship program.

Susanne Grüner is a psychologist by training and one of Incawasi’s founding members. Her tireless fundraising efforts have allowed the organization to secure the funds to build the three floors that now make up Incawasi. A native of Germany, she founded ‘Incawasi Germany,’ which organizes fundraising activities to support activities in Cajamarca.

Marge Lysaghtis, from Ireland, is one of the founding members of Incawasi. Her dedication in the early years of Incawasi and her fundraising efforts were critical in helping build Incawasi. She currently works as an administrator in Ireland.

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