Incawasi Peru - A Dream For Every Child

WHAT WE DO - Medical Attention

Incawasi strives for children to grow up healthy through preventative care and for treatable diseases to be properly addressed. Incawasi beneficiaries are automatically signed up for health insurance and can thereby visit local clinics should any issues arise.

In addition, children undergo two check-ups a year with our local doctor, which include testing for parasites and malnutrition, two of the most prominent health issues that Incawasi children suffer from. He monitors progress throughout the year, and Incawasi has noted a significant improvement in beneficiaries’ overall health.

Incawasi also maintains close ties with local health organizations so as to participate in vaccination campaigns and dental check-ups. We also have health workers come to Incawasi to lead workshops on dental hygiene, nutrition and how to best take care of one’s health.

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